Factory to Project


Join optimizes product and material selection and usage, based on project's unique characteristics. We provide contractors and manufacturers with clarity to drive industrial execution and empower architects with the deep material expertise of fabricators and manufacturers to drive whole-building performance.



Our tools are integrated into existing BIM & design workflows and can be used to rapidly develop designs based on specific products.



For the Manufacturer

Participate in the design process, don't be buried in a catalog. Join's smart design technology highlights your product's differentiating features and performance in the contexts where they can make a difference. Join streamlines integration into projects’ designs, and gives you control over the quality of the design details.


For the Architect

Design for vision, deliver value. Join’s AI-enabled tools allow you to find and configure products and materials to optimize cost and performance without sacrificing design intent. Join lets you quantify how your design is better for your client, better for the contractor, and better for the planet.


For the Contractor

Join delivers precision, even as requirements change. Use Join to rapidly evaluate product options, generate accurate schedules for estimation, and optimize your use of skilled labor. When it’s time to execute, leverage Join's automation to drive fabrication.