Join for Building Products

The Design + Build teams are consistently challenged to make manufactured product choices that provide the greatest value to the project. Join provides a platform to optimize choices about manufactured products based on a product’s unique ability to fulfill the needs of the project building model.


LEVERAGE Existing Assets

Analyzing the characteristics of the building model and other project information, Join surfaces products based on their unique abilities to impact the project.  To do this, Join searches data you already distribute, such as technical PDFs and guide specifications. To be a part of this, there's no need to hire expensive consultants to create digital assets that will inevitably be out of date. We version this data, and work with you to make sure that it's complete and up to date.


Use Sales time effectively

Instead of running lunch and learns in the hope of connecting to a decision, Join allows product specialists to be connected to projects of direct relevance, as a natural part of the decision making process. Join provides a forum for product specialists to view relevant project data and priorities, share their insights, and collaborate with the Design + Build team.


Stand Out, Specifically

Join allows Design + Build teams to find product and system options and optimize their choices based on project priorities. Products can shine on the basis of their performance and cost as they relate to specified requirements, as well unique and distinctive features.